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Admissions! - Cost & General Information!


The following information provides basic information informing you what is required to move into the Cleveland House. Call Todd or Alan at our  Toll Free # 1-888-80-SOBER if you need assistance or have any questions  Local #  954-925-3553

Financial Requirements

$710.00 is required to move in to the Cleveland House to become our Guest. The following listed below are details of this cost.

$250.00  Required for 1 (one) Weeks Apartment Rental in Advance   

$250.00 Required for a Security Deposit that is Refundable

$200.00 Required for an Administration Service Fee

$  10.00 Required for Apartment Key and Security Locker        

          _$710.00 TOTAL MOVE IN COST

The $710.00 required to move in includes 11% Florida Bed Sales Tax. We except Master Card,  Visa Card, a Bank Check or Cash Transaction.

  If you are interested in living at the Cleveland House, please complete the following form.  
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